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    Measurement data from real operation of a hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar collectors, used for the development of a data-driven model
    This article presents a measurement dataset from real operation of a hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar collector. The data is from a summer period, when the collector works at its higher temperature limit, with low thermal efficiency. The dataset characterizes the output of the collector: thermal (heat transfer fluid flowrate, inlet and outlet temperatures) and electrical (raw current and voltage, Hampel filtered power). Further information on the collector are the PV cell temperature and the back surface temperature (in three points). It provides detailed weather information: ambient temperature, solar resource (direct normal, global and diffuse horizontal, global tilted in the collector plane), equivalent radiative sky temperature (calculated from a pyrgeometer), wind speed and direction both horizontal and in the tilted collector plane. The calculated sun position with Duffie and Beckmann method is also given (elevation and azimuth) . The dataset covers 58 summer days from 11th July to 6th September, with a 5 second time step. The data is available as .mat file (MATLAB) and .csv file. A selection of variables from this dataset has already been used in the development of a data-driven model (see related article) [1]. The extended data presented in this article offers mode detailed weather information, opening further investigations opportunities. Further options for data-driven modelling of PVT collectors could be investigated. The correlation of wind related losses to horizontal wind measurements could be compared to a model with wind measurements in the collector plane. The dataset could support the validation of solar models, with direct and diffuse shares on the horizontal or in the tilted plane. [Duck Duck Go](
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