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    Operations security evaluation of IaaS-cloud backend for industry 4.0
    The fast growing number of cloud based Infrastructure-as-a-Service instances raises the question, how the operations security depending on the underlying cloud computing infrastructure can be sustained and guaranteed. Security standards provide guidelines for information security controls applicable to the provision and use of the cloud services. The objectives of operations security are to support planning and sustaining of day-to-day processes that are critical with respect to security of information environments. In this work we provide a detailed analysis of ISO 27017 standard regarding security controls and investigate how well popular cloud platforms can cater for them. The resulting gap of support for individual security controls is furthermore compared with outcomes of recent cloud security research projects. Hence the contribution is twofold, first we identify a set of topics that still require research and development and secondly, as a practical output, we provide a comparison of popular industrial and open-source platforms focusing on private cloud environments, which are important for Industry 4.0 use cases.
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