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    System efficiency of PVT-collector driven heat pumps
    (EDP Sciences, 2019)
    Hengel, Franz 
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    Standard heat pump (HP) systems with horizontal ground heat exchangers (HGHE) are commonly designed based on arbitrary knowledge gained over time and the use of the rule of thumb. Where an undersizing of the HGHE occurs, the HP efficiencies are lowered. Undersizing could result as a consequence of underestimating the soils thermal conductivity. Therefore, this paper considers the combined photovoltaic and solar thermal (PVT) collectors as an extension to standard HP heating systems with a HGHE in single-family houses with the possibility of improving the COP of the HP at a later stage and effortlessly. With the implemented hydronic scheme, the PVT-collector is also used to regenerate the soil around the ground to increase the temperature level of the heat source resulting in improved performance. However, the efficiency potential of the PV-Cells due to active cooling of the modules is analyzed. The results show an increase of the seasonal performance factor (SPF) of 4.1 % and higher electric energy output of 4.4% due to active cooling of the PV-Cells while energy consumption of the regeneration pump is covered.
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