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    Design Criteria for Instructional Videos
    (International Burch University, 2019) ;
    The use of videos in teaching is becoming more and more widespread. For this purpose, not only existing videos are used, but also exclusive videos are created. There are different types of instructional videos used and created for teaching. It is useful to know which design principles these videos should follow in order to evaluate the quality of existing learning videos and to know the criteria one should consider when creating exclusive instructional videos. Therefore, questions arise as to how these videos should be designed to equally support theory and practice and what educational requirements they should meet for the use in teaching. These questions are answered with the framework of the study in hand that applied the method design-based research, incorporating qualitative and quantitative research methods. Survey instruments were guided interviews with experts, questionnaires for school students and a focus group. Participants in the study were teachers and students from the Vienna University of Teacher Education. The field of application was nutrition and consumer education for teaching students of the middle school. The results are presented in the form of design principles
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