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    Elektrische Energieeffizienz und Lastmanagement als Beitrag zum „Null-Emissions-Gebäude“
    (Fachhochschule Burgenland Ges.m.b.H., 2011) ;
    Geissegger, Georg 
    Efficient use of electricity is an important goal in the ongoing research project "Build2Zero - Integrated concepts for implementation of zero-emission buildings". The project’s task “Electrical energy efficiency" is divided into two subtasks: developing a tool that predicts the annual electricity demand for an office building in the preplanning phase is the first subtask. The focus of this tool is on three priority areas: lighting, auxiliary power (pumps, fans, …) and infrastructure (eg PCs, printers, ...). On the basis of these three priori-ties, the expected annual power requirement is calculated and can be used to support effi-ciency strategies in the preplanning phase. The second subtask was the prediction of electric load behaviour of office buildings during the planning phase. Therefore each electrical application which is typically used in office build-ings, was analysed with regard to its load curve. By aggregation of the individual load curves, different load curves for building systems could be created. Furthermore, the potential for optimization and the necessary conditions for electrical load management in the office build-ing sector were studied in order to supplement the topic of electrical energy efficiency. Based on the presumption of fluctuating electricity tariffs depending on the exchange price at EXAA (2011), energy costs can be reduced noticeably by using active Demand Side Management.
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