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    Are South African grape growers aware of their climatic comparative advantages for growing certain grape varieties? A hedonic approach applying machine learning
    (AAWE, 2019-07-15)
    Vink, Nick 
    Niklas, Britta 
    We assume that each region has its own competitive advantage in growing certain grape varieties, as all varieties have different capabilities to cope with specific weather or climate conditions. In this paper we first analyze the effects of annual weather changes on yields in order to find, which weather is advantageous for which grape variety. This analysis should lead to some kind of ideal weather scenario for each grape variety (like dry and sunny with small rain etc.). In as second step the changing weather conditions in each region are reconciled with these scenarios in order to give recommendations where different grape varieties should be grown. In the third step we compare our recommendations with the distribution of grape varieties in South African wine regions and the uprooting and planting behavior of grape growers.
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