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    Test buildings with TABS for MPC-performance evaluation — Comparability and system identification
    (IEEE, 2016)
    Pichler, Martin Felix 
    Schranzhofer, Hermann 
    The research project (MPC-Boxes) deals with the design and construction of two test buildings (Test-Boxes), built for the purpose of performance evaluation of a model predictive controller (MPC) in comparison to a standard controller - for heating and cooling via thermally activated building systems (TABS). The paper introduces the experimental environment, investigates the thermo-physical similarity of the two Test-Boxes, and deals with system identification related aspects. A simple third order state space model (SSM) is derived from first principles. This SSM served as a basis for the derivation of a structured SSM which is facilitated for parameter estimation by means of real measurement data. The performance of the structured SSM is validated with different identification data. The cross-validation performance decreases especially for longer validation intervals, however, within the MPC relevant prediction horizon the performance is still acceptable.
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