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The burden of disease attributable to physical inactivity in the Austrian region of Burgenland

2013-11, Walter, Evelyn, Dragosits, Aline, Gollner, Erwin, Szabo, Barbara, Schnabel, Florian

About 52.6% or 125,434 people of the population in Burgenland is physical inactive. As a risk factor for several chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, back-pain, hypertension, breast cancer and colorectal carcinoma physical inactivity can potentially be a substantial public health burden. Furthermore, it is one of the greatest risk factors for global mortality. Hence, the aim of the analysis was to estimate the direct health-care costs saved, the number of diseases and premature death saved each year attributable to a health promotion program focusing on walking (“3,000 steps” more).