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    Self-Adaptation Applied to MQTT via a Generic Autonomic Management Framework
    (IEEE, 2019-02) ; ;
    Settanni, Giuseppe 
    Delsing, Jerker 
    Manufacturing enterprises are constantly exploring new ways to improve their own production processes to address the increasing demand of customized production. However, such enterprises show a low degree of flexibility, which mainly results from the need to configure new production equipment at design and run time. In this paper we propose self-adaptation as an approach to improve data transmission flexibility in Industry 4.0 environments. We implement an autonomic manager using a generic autonomic management framework, which applies the most appropriate data transmission configuration based on security and business process related requirements, such as performance. The experimental evaluation is carried out in a MQTT infrastructure and the results show that using self-adaptation can significantly improve the trade-off between security and performance. We then propose to integrate anomaly detection methods as a solution to support self-adaptation by monitoring and learning the normal behavior of an industrial system and show how this can be used by the generic autonomic management framework.
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