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Liszt-Rohlf, Verena
Akademische Titel
MMag. Dr.
Liszt, Verena
FH MitarbeiterIn
Entrepreneurship (Education)
Circular Business Models
Sustainable Business
Learning from Failed Business Models
Decision-Making in Start-Ups
Networking in an Entrepreneurial Eco-System
Teacher and Adult Education, Learning from Biographies
Qualitative Research, Biography Research, EyeTracking & Facial Expression
I am a senior researcher at the Department of Business Studies of the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, where she is mainly familiar with instrumental research (eye tracking, emotion
measurement) and project work - on a European and national level. I started my scientific career at the Karl-Franzens-University Graz. There, I studied business administration and business
education and did my doctorate in business education. I gained my first project experience in Graz and was intensively involved in the organisation and hosting of a conference as well as
supporting the publication of a book volume. After this activity, I worked for nine years in Germany at different universities. I gained experience in setting up new institutes and online
teaching at the private and predominantly online teaching-based University of Applied Sciences in Lahr/Stuttgart. There I have already taken over and successfully completed my own EU projects.
A follow-up project from this consortium I funded and led at the University of Paderborn. My many years of work at the University of Kassel were characterised by many research and
publication projects. In addition to my publications, I supervised the publication of a journal and expanded my expertise in entrepreneurship education research in the context of mainly
national projects. In the past years, I have written reviews for various edited volumes and journals, such as Journal of Small Business Management, International Journal for Business
Education, Journal of Education, R&D Management, Journal of Business Economics, Transactions on Engineering Management, Educational Research and Reviews, The Journal of Product
Innovation Management.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft Sektion Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik
Deutsche Gesellschaft für ökonomische Bildung
European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship