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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Low RSSI in WLANs: Impact on Application-Level PerformanceTauber, Markus ; Bhatti, S. N. 
22013The Case for Heterogeneous WLAN Environments for Converged NetworksTauber, Markus ; Bhatti, S. N. ; Melnikov, N. ; Schoenwaelder, J. 
32012The Effect of the 802.11 Power Save Mechanism (PSM) on Energy Efficiency and Performance During System ActivityTauber, Markus ; Bhatti, S. N. 
42012Towards Energy-Awareness in Managing Wireless LAN ApplicationsTauber, Markus ; Bhatti, S. N. ; Yu, Y. 
52011Application Level Energy and Performance Measurements in a Wireless LANTauber, Markus ; Bhatti, S. N. ; Yu, Y.