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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
118-Apr-2016Harmonized Monitoring for High Assurance CloudsBicaku, Ani ; Balaban, Silvia ; Tauber, Markus ; Hudic, Aleksandar ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Hutchison, David 
22016Towards Resilience Metrics for Future Cloud ApplicationsNovak, Marko ; Shirazi, Syed Noorulhassan ; Hudic, Aleksandar ; Hecht, Thomas ; Tauber, Markus ; Hutchison, David ; Maksuti, Silia ; Bicaku, Ani 
32015Impact of Critical Infrastructure Requirements on Service Migration Guidelines to the CloudWagner, Christian ; Hudic, Aleksandar ; Maksuti, Silia ; Tauber, Markus ; Pallas, Frank 
42015Categorization of Standards, Guidelines and Tools for Secure System Design for Critical Infrastructure IT in the CloudPaudel, S. ; Tauber, Markus ; Wagner, C. ; Hudic, A. ; Ng, Wee-Kong 
52015A Multi-Layer and Multi-Tenant Cloud Assurance Evaluation MethodologyHudic, A. ; Tauber, Markus ; Loruenser, T. ; Krotsiani, M. ; Spanoudakis, G. ; Mauthe, A. ; Weippl, E. 
627-Aug-2014Towards continuous Cloud Service Assurance for Critical Infrastructure ITHudic, A. ; Mauthe, A. ; Caceres, S. ; Hecht, T. ; Tauber, Markus