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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Improving predictions of heat transfer in indoor environments with eddy viscosity turbulence modelsHeschl, Christian ; Tao, Yao ; inthavong, kiao ; Tu, Jiyuan 
2Feb-2014Nonlinear eddy viscosity modeling and experimental study of jet spreading ratesHeschl, Christian ; Inthavong, Kiao ; Sanz, Wolfgang ; Tu, Jiyuan 
330-Jan-2013Evaluation and improvements of RANS turbulence models for linear diffuser flowsHeschl, Christian ; inthavong, kiao ; Sanz, Wolfgang ; Tu, Jiyuan 
415-Jul-2011Micron particle deposition in the nasal cavity using the v2–f modelinthavong, kiao ; Tu, Jiyuan ; Heschl, Christian