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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
122-Nov-2018Glamorous new corporate world? The function of English in fictional discourses on Russian businessKovalev, Manuela 
28-Jun-2018Life at the Margins in Ivan Tverdovskii’s 'Klass korrektsii'Kovalev, Manuela 
32016Law and (Verbal) Order The Politics of Russian Obscene Language from Soviet Russia to the Present DayKovalev, Manuela 
4Mar-2015(Re-)Constructing queer identities across Soviet/Russian and American bordersKovalev, Manuela 
52014The function of Russian obscene language in late Soviet and post-Soviet proseKovalev, Manuela 
62014From an unprintable to a printable language of literature? Russian obscene language in late and post-Soviet literary culturesKovalev, Manuela 
7Jul-2013Empty words? Obscene language(s) in Vladimir Sorokin’s Goluboe SaloKovalev, Manuela 
8Apr-2013Post-Soviet literature in crisis? Russian obscene language (mat) in contemporary prose fictionKovalev, Manuela 
92013Forum contribution to ‘Russian language in the late twentieth to early twenty-first century’Kovalev, Manuela 
102013Mezhdunarodnaia konferentsiia: Iazyky Sorokina: medial’nost’, mezhkul’turnost’, perevodKovalev, Manuela 
112013Pustie slova? Funktsii netsenzurnoi leksiki v romane Vladimira Sorokina Goluboe SaloKovalev, Manuela 
122012Empty words? Obscene language(s) in Vladimir Sorokin’s Goluboe SaloKovalev, Manuela 
1329-May-2010Rebel without a cause: Eduard Limonov’s scandalous novel Eto ia - Edichka as a renegotiation of Russian literary boundariesKovalev, Manuela 
142004Kulich or Easter Cake? Culture-specific Items in Translation: A Russian PerspectiveMuhm, Manuela 
152003In the literary no-man's-land between fact and fiction : Truman Capote's non-fiction novel "In cold blood"Muhm, Manuela