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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2019Project Management in a cultural contextBüll, Christian ; Palkovits-Rauter, Silke ; Szabo, Monika Beata 
22019Supply Chain Management in a Circular EconomyPalkovits-Rauter, Silke 
32019Influences on future developments of business process managementPalkovits-Rauter, Silke 
42017Towards trustworthy end-to-end communication in industry 4.0Bicaku, Ani ; Maksuti, Silia ; Palkovits-Rauter, Silke ; Tauber, Markus ; Matischek, Rainer ; Schmittner, Christoph ; Mantas, Georgios ; Thron, Mario ; Delsing, Jerker 
52017Towards flexible and secure end-to-end communication in industry 4.0Maksuti, Silia ; Bicaku, Ani ; Tauber, Markus ; Palkovits-Rauter, Silke ; Haas, Sarah ; Delsing, Jerker