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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019“And Now for Something Completely Different” Stimulating Interventions to Improve Academic Outcomes in Financial Accounting CoursesZehetner, Karl ; Steinkellner, Peter 
22017Closing the Gap Between U.S. and German Managerial AccountingZehetner, Karl ; Eschenbach, Sebastian 
32015Assessing Scientific Skills of Applicants for a Master’s Degree ProgramSteinkellner, Peter ; Zehetner, Karl 
42015Unternehmensplanung: Integration als Katalysator eines zentralen ControllingprozessesSvoboda, Michael ; Zehetner, Karl 
52014Cosmopolitan Appeal: What Makes a City Attractive to Expatriates?Haslberger, Arno ; Zehetner, Karl 
62014Servant Leadership in Finance - Contradiction or Symbiosis?Zehetner, Karl ; Steinkellner, Peter 
72014The Effect of the Introduction of a» Pay Per Use «Option within motor TPL insuranceTrappl, Stefan ; Zehetner, Karl ; Pichler, Robert 
82014Servant Financial Leadership - Ein Plädoyer für die „Unsichtbare Hand“Zehetner, Karl ; Steinkellner, Peter 
92014Kennzahlen: Fallstudien zur JahresabschlussanalyseZehetner, Karl 
102013Financial leadership vom Experten zum CFOZehetner, Karl 
112013Motives and Behaviors of American and European CEOs. A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Leadership StylesPichler, Robert ; Zehetner, Karl ; Trappl, Stefan 
122013Financial Leadership - Transforming Financial Experts into CFOsZehetner, Karl ; Fahrngruber, Barbara ; Pichler, Robert ; Trappl, Stefan 
132013The Impact of Financial Leadership on the Success of SMEs in the Management of CrisisTrappl, Stefan ; Pichler, Robert ; Zehetner, Karl 
142012Motives and Behaviours of Financial Leaders in AustriaPichler, Robert ; Zehetner, Karl ; Trappl, Stefan 
152012Educating the Ones Who CountZehetner, Karl ; Pichler, Robert ; Trappl, Stefan