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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
126-Nov-2020An Integrated Framework for Building’s Energy Management based on Deep LearningMeintanis, I. ; Monios, N. ; Livieris, I.E. ; Kampourakis, M. ; Fourakis, S. ; Kyriakoulis, N. ; Kokkorikos, S. ; Chondronasios, A. 
226-Nov-2020Complex glass facade modelling for Model Predictive Control of thermal loads: impact of the solar load identification on the state-space model accuracyVeynandt, Francois ; Heschl, Christian ; Klanatsky, Peter ; Plank, Helmut 
326-Nov-2020Using FusiX platform for Intelligent Energy Management Systems’ developmentGeorgoutsos, V. ; Soulioti, G. ; Alifragkis, V. ; Livanos, N.