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12021Considering Cybersecurity with Trustworthy IoT in Smart CitiesKlikovits, Christoph ; Gnauer, Clemens ; Abraham, Patrick 
2Oct-2018Enabling Security and Safety Evaluation in Industry 4.0 Use Cases with Digital TwinsTauber, Markus ; Schmittner, Christoph 
3Apr-2014Information Assurance System in the Arrowhead ProjectPlosz, S. ; Tauber, Markus ; Varga, P. 
42013SECCRIT: Secure Cloud Computing for High Assurance ServicesBless, R. ; Hutchison, D. ; Schoeller, M. ; Smith, P. ; Tauber, Markus 
5Apr-2018Security Threats and Risk Analysis of an IoT Web Service for a Smart VineyardBorrelli, Massimo ; Coric, Vanes ; Gnauer, Clemens ; Wolfgeher, Jennifer ; Tauber, Markus 
6Oct-2019Smart MunicipalityWolfgeher, Jennifer ; Zsilak, Mario ; Tauber, Markus 
72015Tectons : Towards a Generalised Approach to Programming Systems of SystemsCoulson, Geoff ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Tauber, Markus 
82015Trustworthy and High Assurance Cyber-Physical Systems - A Research AgendaTauber, Markus ; Wagner, Christian ; Mauthe, Andreas