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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010A fast test technique for life time estimation of ultrasonically welded Cu-Cu interconnectsCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta ; Weiss, Brigitte ; Licht, T. 
Mar-2014A New Approach for Evaluation of Fatigue Life of Al Wire Bonds in Power ElectronicsCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta ; Kotas, Agnieszka Betzwar ; Weiss, Brigitte ; Lederer, Martin 
16-Feb-2014A new approach for evaluation of fatigue life of al wire bonds in power electronicsCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta ; Lederer, Martin ; Kotas, Agnieszka Betzwar ; Weiss, Brigitte 
5-Mar-2016A novel approach for evaluation of material interfaces in electronicsCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta ; Lassnig, Alice ; Lederer, Martin ; Nicolics, Johann ; Magnien, Julien ; Suhir, Ephraim 
17-Apr-2019A rapid test for reliability of heavy wire bondsCzerny, Bernhard ; Seidl, Siegfried 
25-Apr-2018Accelerated mechanical fatigue interconnect testing method for electrical wire bondsCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta 
11-May-2017Accelerated mechanical fatigue interconnect testing method for heavy wire bonds in power modulesCzerny, Bernhard 
14-May-2013Advanced failure analysis of electronic systems using a 3D laser Doppler vibrometerCzerny, Bernhard 
15-Sep-2020Application of in-situ non-invasive failure detection methods for wire bondsCzerny, Bernhard ; Chavan, Vinayak ; Gasser, Christoph ; Rosc, J├Ârdis ; Khatibi, Golta 
1-Jan-2018BAMFIT - Accelerated Mechanical Fatigue Interconnect TestCzerny, Bernhard ; Seidl, Siegfried 
1-Sep-2019Comparative study of wire bond degradation under power and mechanical accelerated testsCzerny, Bernhard ; Buhrkal-Donau, Steffen ; Popok, Vladimir ; Khatibi, Golta ; Luo, Haoze ; Iannuzzo, Francesco ; Pedersen, Kristian Bonderup 
Sep-2018Cyclic robustness of heavy wire bonds: Al, AlMg, Cu and CucorAlCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta 
17-Sep-2012Electro-thermal analysis of in situ vibration measurements on IGBT modules under operation conditionsCzerny, Bernhard ; Nagl, Bernhard ; Lederer, Martin ; Khatibi, Golta ; Thoben, Markus ; Nicolics, Johann 
Sep-2013Experimental and analytical study of geometry effects on the fatigue life of Al bond wire interconnectsCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta ; Paul, Indrajit ; Thoben, Markus 
26-May-2013Experimental investigation of transient electrical, thermal and mechanical behavior of IGBT inverter modules during operationCzerny, Bernhard ; Thoben, Markus ; Khatibi, Golta ; Lederer, Martin ; Nagl, Bernhard ; Nicolics, Johann 
25-May-2018Fatigue life time modelling of Cu and Au fine wiresCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta ; Mazloum-Nejadari, Ali ; Delshadmanesh, Mitra ; Lederer, Martin 
Sep-2016Fatigue testing method for fine bond wires in an LQFP packageCzerny, Bernhard ; Mazloum-Nejadari, Ali ; Khatibi, Golta ; Weiss, Laurens ; Zehetbauer, M. 
Jun-2022Highly Accelerated Mechanical Lifetime Testing for Wire Bonds in Power ElectronicsCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta 
16-Apr-2012In situ vibration measurements on power modules under operating conditionsCzerny, Bernhard ; Nagl, Bernhard ; Lederer, Martin ; Trnka, A. ; Khatibi, Golta ; Thoben, Markus 
14-Apr-2013Influence of wirebond shape on its lifetime with application to frame connectionsCzerny, Bernhard ; Khatibi, Golta ; Thoben, Markus ; Paul, Indrajit