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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Function-as-a-Service Benchmarking FrameworkPellegrini, Roland ; Ivkić, Igor ; Tauber, Markus 
Dec-2017On the Cost of Cyber Security in Smart BusinessIvkić, Igor ; Wolfauer, Stephan ; Oberhofer, Thomas ; Tauber, Markus 
2019On the Cost of Security Compliance in Information SystemsHofbauer, David ; Ivkić, Igor ; Maksuti, Silia ; Aldrian, Andreas ; Tauber, Markus 
Dec-2017Towards a Security Baseline for IaaS-Cloud Back-Ends in Industry 4.0Bauer, Elisabeth ; Schluga, Oliver ; Maksuti, Silia ; Bicaku, Ani ; Hofbauer, David ; Ivkić, Igor ; Wöhrer, Alexander ; Tauber, Markus 
Jan-2019Towards a Security Cost Model for Cyber-Physical SystemsIvkić, Igor ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Tauber, Markus 
2018Towards a Security-Aware Benchmarking Framework for Function-as-a-ServicePellegrini, Roland ; Ivkić, Igor ; Tauber, Markus 
Dec-2017Towards Comparing Programming ParadigmsIvkić, Igor ; Tauber, Markus ; Wöhrer, Alexander