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2019A Novel Dual Fuel Reaction Mechanism for Ignition in Natural Gas–Diesel CombustionSchuh, Sebastian ; Frühhaber, Jens ; Lauer, Thomas ; Winter, Franz 
2020Dual Fuel Reaction Mechanism 2.0 including NOx Formation and Laminar Flame Speed Calculations Using Methane/Propane/n-Heptane Fuel BlendsSchuh, Sebastian ; Winter, Franz 
2019Experimental Investigation and Benchmark Study of Oxidation of Methane–Propane–n-Heptane Mixtures at Pressures up to 100 barSchuh, Sebastian ; Ramalingam, Ajoy Kumar ; Minwegen, Heiko ; Heufer, Karl Alexander ; Winter, Franz 
10-Sep-2018Modeling the Pilot Injection and the Ignition Process of a Dual Fuel Injector with Experimental Data from a Combustion Chamber Using Detailed Reaction KineticsPeter, Andreas ; Wensing, Michael ; Frühhaber, Jens ; Schuh, Sebastian ; Lauer, Thomas ; Winter, Franz ; Priesching, Peter ; Pachler, Klaus