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2016Environmental Effects of Steam Explosion Pretreatment on Biogas from Maize—Case Study of a 500-kW Austrian Biogas FacilityKral, Iris ; Piringer, Gerhard ; Saylor, Molly K. ; Gronauer, Andreas ; Bauer, Alexander 
2016Environmental hot spot analysis in agricultural lifecycle assessments – three case studiesPiringer, Gerhard ; Bauer, Alexander ; Gronauer, Andreas ; Saylor, Molly K. ; Stampfel, Angelika ; Kral, Iris 
2020Life Cycle Assessment of Biogas Production from Unused Grassland Biomass Pretreated by Steam Explosion Using a System Expansion MethodKral, Iris ; Piringer, Gerhard ; Saylor, Molly K. ; Lizasoain, Javier ; Gronauer, Andreas ; Bauer, Alexander