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15-Jul-2019Are South African grape growers aware of their climatic comparative advantages for growing certain grape varieties? A hedonic approach applying machine learningVink, Nick ; Niklas, Britta ; Rinke, Wolfram 
2021Consumer preferences for certified wines in France: A comparison of sustainable labelsAlonso Ugaglia, Adeline ; Niklas, Britta ; Rinke, Wolfram ; Moscovici, Dan ; Gow, Jeff ; Valenzuela, Lionel ; Mihailescu, Radu 
11-Jun-2018Do corporately organized wine producers cope better with unfavorable weather conditions than private wine estates? Hedonic pricing models for South African winesNiklas, Britta ; Rinke, Wolfram 
2020Pricing Models for German Wine: Hedonic Regression vs. Machine LearningNiklas, Britta ; Rinke, Wolfram