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25-Dec-2020A Case Study of Socially-Accepted Potentials for the Use of End User Flexibility by Home Energy Management SystemsPfeiffer, Christian ; Puchegger, Markus ; Maier, Claudia ; Tomaschitz, Ina ; Kremsner, Thomas ; Gnam, Lukas 
Apr-2021A Mixed-Integer Linear Optimization Approach for Efficient Utilization of Wind Power for District HeatingGnam, Lukas ; Pfeiffer, Christian ; Puchegger, Markus ; Nacht, Thomas 
26-Nov-2020A Review on Local Energy Markets and Peer-to-Peer Energy TradingGnam, Lukas ; Pfeiffer, Christian ; Rabelhofer, Marion ; Maier, Claudia 
26-Nov-2020A simulation study on the integration of wind in a district heating systemSchindler, Markus ; Gnam, Lukas ; Nacht, Thomas 
Oct-2021An interdisciplinary approach of a local peer-to-peer energy trading model for a more sustainable power gridSchindler, Markus ; Pfeiffer, Christian ; Millendorfer, Monika ; Rabelhofer, Marion ; Maier, Claudia ; Gnam, Lukas 
Oct-2020Forecasting and Optimization Approaches Utilized for Simulating a Hybrid District Heating SystemGnam, Lukas ; Pfeiffer, Christian ; Schindler, Markus ; Puchegger, Markus 
26-Nov-2020Heat water storage pooling for RES-integrationPuchegger, Markus ; Gnam, Lukas ; Jasek, Patricia 
Feb-2020Langfristige Prognose für den Wärmebedarf eines Nahwärmenetzes unter Berücksichtigung demografischer EntwicklungenGnam, Lukas ; Pfeiffer, Christian ; Puchegger, Markus 
Sep-2020Open Innovation Processes as Drivers for Business Model Developments Enabling a Successful Energy TransitionPfeiffer, Christian ; Rabelhofer, Marion ; Stolavetz, Christina ; Stöller, Julia ; Peschel, Ina ; Millendorfer, Monika ; Gnam, Lukas 
Sep-2020Preferences on Home Energy Management Systems - A Study of Potentials for the Use of End User FlexibilitiesPfeiffer, Christian ; Maier, Claudia ; Kremsner, Thomas ; Gnam, Lukas ; Rabelhofer, Marion 
Nov-2019Selbstlernendes Empfehlungssystem zur Steigerung der BehaglichkeitRabensteiner, Markus ; Pratter, Robert ; Gnam, Lukas