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2019A Framework for Measuring the Costs of Security at RuntimeIvkić, Igor ; Pichler, Harald ; Zsilak, Mario ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Tauber, Markus 
2015A Multi-Layer and Multi-Tenant Cloud Assurance Evaluation MethodologyHudic, A. ; Tauber, Markus ; Loruenser, T. ; Krotsiani, M. ; Spanoudakis, G. ; Mauthe, A. ; Weippl, E. 
2021A Security Cost Modelling Framework for Cyber-Physical SystemsIvkić, Igor ; Sailer, Patrizia ; Gouglidis, Antonios ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Tauber, Markus 
30-Jun-2021Analysing Design Approaches for the Power Consumption in Cyber-Physical SystemsSailer, Patrizia ; Ivkić, Igor ; Tauber, Markus ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Gouglidis, Antonios 
18-Apr-2016Harmonized Monitoring for High Assurance CloudsBicaku, Ani ; Balaban, Silvia ; Tauber, Markus ; Hudic, Aleksandar ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Hutchison, David 
2015Tectons : Towards a Generalised Approach to Programming Systems of SystemsCoulson, Geoff ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Tauber, Markus 
Jan-2019Towards a Security Cost Model for Cyber-Physical SystemsIvkić, Igor ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Tauber, Markus 
27-Aug-2014Towards continuous Cloud Service Assurance for Critical Infrastructure ITHudic, A. ; Mauthe, A. ; Caceres, S. ; Hecht, T. ; Tauber, Markus 
2015Trustworthy and High Assurance Cyber-Physical Systems - A Research AgendaTauber, Markus ; Wagner, Christian ; Mauthe, Andreas