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2012Biogenic carbon-enriched and pollutant depleted SRF from commercial and pretreated heterogeneous waste generated by NIR sensor-based sortingPieber, Simone M. ; Ragossnig, Arne ; Pomberger Roland ; Curtis, Alexander 
2008Clean development mechanism: an incentive for waste management projects?Plöchl, Clemens ; Wetzer, Wolfgang ; Ragossnig, Arne M 
25-Nov-2009Climate impact analysis of waste treatment scenarios-thermal treatment of commercial and pretreated waste versus landfilling in AustriaRagossnig, Arne M ; Wartha, Christian ; Pomberger Roland 
2005Combined incineration of industrial wastes with in-plant residues in fluidized-bed utility boilers – decision relevant factorsRagossnig, Arne ; Lorber, Karl E. 
19-Dec-2013ENEREED - Sustainable Energy Conversion from ReedKrail, Jürgen ; Rixrath, Doris ; Plank, Helmut ; Ragossnig, Arne ; Wartha, Christian ; Kitzler, Hannes ; Pfeifer, Christoph ; Hofbauer, Hermann ; Beckmann, Georg 
2013Energy conversion from reed biomass - Overview of laboratory and field test resultsKrail, Jürgen ; Kitzler, Hannes ; Beckmann, Georg ; Plank, Helmut ; Ragossnig, Arne ; Pfeifer, Christoph 
Feb-2008Energy efficiency in waste-to-energy and its relevance with regard to climate controlRagossnig, Arne M ; Wartha, Christian ; Kirchner, Andreas 
2011Energy from waste in Europe: An analysis and comparison of the EU 27Sommer, Manuel ; Ragossnig, Arne 
2015Evaluating the Market Competitiveness of Reed Based BiofuelsRixrath, Doris ; Krail, Jürgen ; Ragossnig, Arne 
23-Jun-2013Implementing an advanced waste separation step in an MBT plant: assessment of technical, economic and environmental impactsMeirhofer, Martina ; Piringer, Gerhard ; Rixrath, Doris ; Sommer, Manuel ; Ragossnig, Arne M 
2008Optische Sortiertechnik - Innovative Einsatzfelder in der Abfallwirtschaft, Grenzen und ForschungsbedarfFaist, Verena ; Ragossnig, Arne 
2010R&D Project ENEREED - Sustainable energy conversion from reedKrail, Jürgen ; Ragossnig, Arne ; Wartha, Christian ; Plank, Helmut ; Brooks, Lydia 
2011R&D Projekt ENEREED - Sustainable Energy Conversion from ReedKrail, Jürgen ; Ragossnig, Arne ; Wartha, Christian ; Plank, Helmut ; Ladinig, Elisabeth 
2015Reed in small, medium and industrial plants - an economic evaluation of the supply chainRixrath, Doris ; Krail, Jürgen ; Beckmann, Georg ; Ragossnig, Arne 
2010Sustainable Energy Conversion from Reed BiomassKrail, Jürgen ; Ragossnig, Arne ; Wartha, Christian ; Brooks, Lydia