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2012Enhanced L3…Ln Acquisition and its Implications for Language TeachingBerkes, Eva ; Flynn, Suzanne 
2012Further evidence in support of the Cumulative-Enhancement Model: CP structure developmentBerkes, Eva ; Flynn, Suzanne 
2004Minimalist Approach to the Functional Categories in Sentence Scope: Derivation by PhaseBerkes, Eva 
2016Multi-competence and syntaxBerkes, Eva ; Flynn, Suzanne 
2015Multilingual Acquisition of English: Development of Grammar Through Study of Null AnaphoraBerkes, Eva ; Flynn, Suzanne 
2013Multilingualism: New perspectives on syntactic developmentBerkes, Eva ; Flynn, Suzanne 
14-Jun-2017Syntactic development evidenced via DLCFernández-Berkes, Eva ; Flynn, Suzanne 
14-Jun-2017The acquisition of long-distance Wh-movement by two groups of multilingualsFernández-Berkes, Eva ; Flynn, Suzanne 
2017Toward a new understanding of syntactic CLI: evidence from L2 and L3 acquisitionFlynn, Suzanne ; Berkes, Eva 
2021Vindicating the need for a principled theory of language acquisitionFernandez-Berkes, Eva ; Flynn, Suzanne 
2020Where DLC Meets Multilingual Syntactic DevelopmentFernandez-Berkes, Eva ; Flynn, Suzanne