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2019A Thermal Flow Sensor Based on Printed Circuit Technology in Constant Temperature Mode for Various FluidsGlatzl, Thomas ; Beigelbeck, Roman ; Cerimovic, Samir ; Steiner, Harald ; Wenig, Florian ; Sauter, Thilo ; Treytl, Albert ; Keplinger, Franz 
2017Exponential pattern recognition for deriving air change rates from CO2 dataWenig, Florian ; Klanatsky, Peter ; Heschl, Christian ; Mateis, Cristinel ; Dejan, Nickovic 
Aug-2018Getting Fit for the Future: Optimizing Energy Usage in Existing Buildings by Adding Non-Invasive Sensor NetworksSauter, Thilo ; Treytl, Albert ; Diwold, Konrad ; Molnar, David ; Lechner, Daniel ; Krammer, Lukas ; Derler, Bernhard ; Seidl, Christian ; Wenig, Florian 
2015Numerical investigation of velocity profiles in a square-sectioned 90° curved air ductWenig, Florian 
26-Nov-2015Numerical simulation of airflow around buildingsWenig, Florian ; Heschl, Christian ; Klanatsky, Peter ; Dragosits, T. 
2015Towards distributed enthalpy measurement in large-scale air conditioning systemsSauter, Thilo ; Steiner, Harald ; Glatzl, Thomas ; Hortschitz, Wilfried ; Wenig, Florian ; Heschl, Christian 
Jun-2019Towards non-invasive temperature measurements in HVAC: A characterization and correction approachWenig, Florian ; Seidl, Christian ; Derler, Bernhard ; Heschl, Christian ; Sauter, Thilo ; Treytl, Albert