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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Framework for Measuring the Costs of Security at RuntimeIvkić, Igor ; Pichler, Harald ; Zsilak, Mario ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Tauber, Markus 
2019A Lightweight Authentication Mechanism for M2M Communications in Industrial IoT EnvironmentEsfahani, A. ; Mantas, G. ; Matischek, R. ; Saghezchi, F. ; Bicaku, Ani ; Maksuti, Silia ; Tauber, Markus ; Schmittner, Ch. ; Bastos, J. 
2015A Multi-Layer and Multi-Tenant Cloud Assurance Evaluation MethodologyHudic, A. ; Tauber, Markus ; Loruenser, T. ; Krotsiani, M. ; Spanoudakis, G. ; Mauthe, A. ; Weippl, E. 
2020A recommendation for suitable technologies for an indoor farming frameworkGnauer, Clemens ; Pichler, Harald ; Schmittner, Christoph ; Tauber, Markus ; Christl, Korbinian ; Knapitsch, Johannes ; Parapatits, Martin 
2021A Security Cost Modelling Framework for Cyber-Physical SystemsIvkić, Igor ; Sailer, Patrizia ; Gouglidis, Antonios ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Tauber, Markus 
2014A Self-Organising Approach for Smart Meter Communication SystemsTauber, Markus ; Skopik, F. ; Hutchison, D. ; Bleier, T. 
30-Jun-2021Analysing Design Approaches for the Power Consumption in Cyber-Physical SystemsSailer, Patrizia ; Ivkić, Igor ; Tauber, Markus ; Mauthe, Andreas ; Gouglidis, Antonios 
2011Application Level Energy and Performance Measurements in a Wireless LANTauber, Markus ; Bhatti, S. N. ; Yu, Y. 
2017Application System Design - High SecurityAndreas, Aldrian ; Priller, Peter ; Schmittner, Christoph ; Plosz, Sandor ; Tauber, Markus ; Wagner, Christian ; Hein, Daniel ; Ebner, Thomas ; Maritsch, Martin ; Ruprechter, Thomas ; Lesjak, Christian 
2015Assuring Resilience, Security and Privacy for Flexible Networked Systems and OrganisationsHutchison, David ; Nahrstedt, Klara ; Schöller, Marcus ; Spiecker gen. Döhmann, Indra ; Tauber, Markus 
3-Aug-2021Automated and Secure Onboarding for System of SystemsMaksuti, Silia ; Bicaku, Ani ; Zsilak, Mario ; Ivkić, Igor ; Péceli, Bálint ; Singler, Gábor ; Kovács, Kristóf ; Tauber, Markus ; Delsing, Jerker 
2011Autonomic Management of Client Concurrency in a Distributed Storage ServiceTauber, Markus ; Kirby, G. N. C. ; Dearle, A. 
Jun-2019Autonomous CPS Mobility Securely DesignedHofbauer, David ; Schmittner, Christoph ; Brandstetter, Manuela ; Tauber, Markus 
2015Categorization of Standards, Guidelines and Tools for Secure System Design for Critical Infrastructure IT in the CloudPaudel, S. ; Tauber, Markus ; Wagner, C. ; Hudic, A. ; Ng, Wee-Kong 
May-2018Connected cars — Threats, vulnerabilities and their impactStrobl, Stefanie ; Hofbauer, David ; Schmittner, Christoph ; Maksuti, Silia ; Tauber, Markus ; Delsing, Jerker 
Nov-2020Embedded Artificial Intelligence: The ARTEMIS VisionSerpanos, Dimitrios ; Ferrari, Gianluigi ; Nikolakopoulos, George ; Perez, Jon ; Tauber, Markus ; van Baelen, Stefan 
Oct-2018Enabling Security and Safety Evaluation in Industry 4.0 Use Cases with Digital TwinsTauber, Markus ; Schmittner, Christoph 
2017Engineering of IoT automation systemCarlsson, Oscar ; Vera, Daniel ; Arceredillo, Eduardo ; Tauber, Markus ; Ahmad, Bilal ; Schmittner, Christoph ; Plosz, Sandor ; Ruprechter, Thomas ; Aldrian, Andreas ; Delsing, Jerker 
2019Function-as-a-Service Benchmarking FrameworkPellegrini, Roland ; Ivkić, Igor ; Tauber, Markus 
Oct-2019Generic Autonomic Management as a Service in a SOA-based Framework for Industry 4.0Maksuti, Silia ; Tauber, Markus ; Delsing, Jerker