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2014A low energy apartment house – a case study about energy and thermal comfortStutterecker, Werner ; Blümel, Ernst 
Jan-2019Communication Analysis of Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Method for Heat Pumps and ChillersWeyr, Jan ; Schoberer, Thomas ; Stutterecker, Werner 
Jan-2019Comparison of the Energy Performance of a Heat Pump under Various Conditions by Using a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test MethodSchoberer, Thomas ; Weyr, Jan ; Steindl, Gernot ; Görtler, Gregor ; Stutterecker, Werner 
2015Development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop test method for heat pumps and chillersStutterecker, Werner ; Schoberer, Thomas ; Steindl, Gernot 
2015Development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Method for Heat Pumps and ChillersStutterecker, Werner ; Schoberer, Thomas ; Steindl, Gernot 
Dec-2012Energy plus standard in buildings constructed by housing associations?Stutterecker, Werner ; Blümel, Ernst 
2014HiL-Tests auf Basis von PCP zur Optimierung der energetischen Versorgung von GebäudenSteindl, Gernot ; Kobler, Maximilian ; Stutterecker, Werner 
2013IDES-EDU-new educational program for sustainable buildingsDvořáková, Pavla ; Kabele, Karel ; Brunsgaard, Camilla ; Wyckmans, Annemie ; Stutterecker, Werner ; Magyar, Zoltan ; Almeida, Manuela ; Laskari, Marina ; Bartkiewicz, Piotr ; Op 't Veld, Peter 
Nov-2016Indoor environment challenges in a new type office building – case studyNemethova, Ema ; Petráš, Dušan ; Stutterecker, Werner ; Schoberer, Thomas 
Aug-2019Indoor environmental quality evaluation in NZEBSánka, Imrich ; Schoberer, Thomas ; Stutterecker, Werner ; Petráš, Dušan 
2014Integrated energy design – Education and training in cross-disciplinary teams implementing energy performance of buildings directive (EPBD)Brunsgaard, Camilla ; Dvořáková, Pavla ; Wyckmans, Annemie ; Stutterecker, Werner ; Laskari, Marina ; Almeida, Manuela ; Kabele, Karel ; Magyar, Zoltan ; Bartkiewicz, Piotr ; Op 't Veld, Peter 
2017Optimization of thermal environment in a building with low-exergy radiant systems and glazed facadeNemethova, Ema ; Krajcik, Michal ; Stutterecker, Werner ; Petráš, Dušan 
2017Thermal Comfort and Energy Consumption Using Different Radiant Heating/Cooling Systems in a Modern Office BuildingNemethova, Ema ; Stutterecker, Werner ; Schoberer, Thomas 
2016Thermal Comfort and HVAC Systems Operation Challenges in a Modern Office Building - Case StudyNemethova, Ema ; Stutterecker, Werner ; Schoberer, Thomas 
2016Thermoelektrische Wärmepumpe - Messmethoden zur Bestimmung der thermoelektrischen Gürezahl anhand von marktreifen ModulenZechner, Lukas ; Schoberer, Thomas ; Stutterecker, Werner ; Plank, Helmut ; Ashauer, Johann ; Aschauer, Rudolf